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Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2014 


Presented by the Senior 


Goldsboro, North Carolina 


In this modern era, there are missies, jets, atomic and 
neuclear power, rockets and satellites that are familiar to 
us . . . typical but dignified teenagers . . . called "Seniors" 
. . . who are about to be spun into orbit. 

Ye, we're typical high school students . . . launched 
four years ago . . . securely anchored to our seats . . . well 
... to try to acquire knowledge of unfamiliar instruments 
that surround us in our spaceship. 

Now we anxiously await in our nose-cone . . . that . . . 
well . . . final thrust in space. Yes, we do have a know- 
ledge of this new space world . . . yet ... we have to meet 
many experiences . . . responsibilities . . . challenges it 

Many Seniors will go to other planets . . . maybe to 
settle down ... or launch again . . . maybe to new heights. 

Well, here is your book, "the Dillardite," to relive that 
wonderful ride ... in our spaceship . . . many joys . . . 
hardships and unforgettable moments encountered during 
those years. 

We the staff, hope you will share with us our interpre- 
tation of . . . well . . . "That Old Dillard Spirit." 

Earl Glenn 




You are to be congratulated on the fine yearbook you have 
produced. It reflects the spirit of cooperation, the diligent ef- 
fort put forth and the patience you have shown in completing this 

As you graduate and enter the adult world around you it will 
be beneficial to you to remember that your commencement is, 
as the word implies, a beginning as well as an opportunity to 
continue your development. It will become increasingly im- 
portant for you to set your mind upon your task and to concentrate 
upon your purpose. 

Your life is a trust from God and should be lived in a way 
that will meet with His approval. Your task is to utilize his 
gifts to you--your heart, your hand, your brain and your soul-- 
and to develop them to the utmost. 

Let me extend to you at this time every good wish for con- 
tinued success and happiness. 

M. ft. Skofe. 


Greetings Class of 1961: 

My heartiest congratulations to each of you 
for your successful climb to this point in your 
educational ladder. May you long remember the helpful 
steps that you took to make this your crowning year in your 
career as a high school student! 

I have been most pleased with the progress, seriousness of 
purpose, and general initiative of the Class of 1961. We know 
that you represent the largest class in the history of our 
School. We hope that you represent the class having re- 
ceived the most in "quality education. " More has been 
offered to you than to any other class in the history of 
Dillard High School. 

Let the work recorded in this, your DILLARDITE, be a reminder 
of the pleasant and eventful years you studies at Dillard High 
School. I shall reflect with happiness upon the three years as 
co-advisor of your class. I shall cherish the cooperation 
and memories of you as the first class to graduate 
under my principalship. 



To one who has understood our problems, and who has given immeasurable amounts of 
energy, guidance, and resourcefulness to make our school life pleasant and successful. His 
determined effort to make us satisfied and happy shall always be remembered as one of our 
most precious high school memories. Words cannot express our appreciation for his various 
contributions; but to show how much we love, honor, and respect him, we dedicate the '61 
DILLARDITE to our principal, Mr. John Henry Wooten. 


To the one who has willingly served us well we dedicate this portion 
of the Dillardite to Mr. E. A. House. 

Mr. E. A. House was born in Asheville, North Carolina, December 25, 
1908. He attended and graduated from Stephen's Lee High School, 
University, Charlotte, North Carolina where he received his B.S. degree 
and received his Masters degree from the University of Conn. 

Mr. House began his educational duties at E.E. Smith High School of 
Kenansville, North Carolina. He served for eleven years as principal of 
Dudley Elementary School. 

In 1944 Mr. House came to Goldsboro and served as Coach and assist- 
ant principal at Dillard High School and later became Health and 
Physical Education Co-ordinator and his last position was that of Super- 
visor of instructions for the Goldsboro City Schools. His participation in 
the many civic activities of Goldsboro and the state were most outstand- 
ing. He served as Secretary of the North Carolina Athletic Association 
for a number of years. 

It was indeed inspiring to have had Mr. House serve his community, 
state, and nation in civic, religious and educational affairs. 

Associate Editor 
Joseph E. Gaynor 
Advertising Manager 
Sandra Moses 

Faye Robinson 
Ann Moses 
Cora A. Hogans 
Ruth Williams 
Art Editor 

James Edward White 

Essie Skinner 
Joyce Hamilton 


Make-up Editor 
John Edward Kirk 
Sports Editor 
James Thomas Isler 
Business Manager 
Leroy Seegars 
Copy Editor 
Daniel Clarke 



With Co-Operation and Understanding 


They Guide Us Ever Forward 


From Their Experiences We Profit 



From Their Services We Benefit 




Alston, James Earl (Bro) 

Glee Club; French Club 4; Basketball; Yearbook 
Staff; Sgt.-of-arms of Homeroom 2,3; 
Aim: Doctor 

Alston, William Ruben (Ruby) 

Safety Patrol Club 

Aim: To join the U.S. Army 

Ashford, Marion Delois (Sister) 
Arts and Crafts 1; Dramatics 2; Girl Scouts 1; 
Glee Club 3,4; Student Council 4; Press Club. 
Aim: Nursing Career 

Atkinson, Nancy Aileen (Boot) 

Band II 1,2,3,4; Student Council 1; Science 

Club; Dramatics 2; Band Club 2,3; Secretary 

of record class 3; 

Aim: Registered Nurse 

Atkinson, Shirley Jean (Curly) 
Dramatics Club 1; Dance Group 2; Public Speak- 
ing Club 4; Junior Oratorical Club 3; Office 
Staff 3,4. 

Aim: Clerk Typist 

Austin, James David (Butch) 
F.T.A. Club 1; Jr. Hi-Y 2; 
Senior Hi-Y 3,4. 


As We Gaze Back 

Barnes, Rudolph Edward (Pee Wee) 
Office 1,2,3; Sightseeing Club; 
Aim: ? 

Barnes, Olivia (Starlet) 

Yearbook Staff 4; Library Club 1; Science Club 
2; French Club 3; Junior Oratorical Club 3; 
French Activity Club 4; 
Aim: Guidance Counselor 

Barnes, Robert Lee 

Student Council; Explorer Club; Glee Club 
1,2,3; Business Review Club; Safety Patrol 4; 
Aim: ? 

Barnes, Sheila Beatrice 

Dramatics 1; Glee Club 2,4; Press Club 4; Office 
Staff 4; Honor Society; Administrative Assistant 


Aim: Medical Secretary 

Ayres, Harvey (Chief) 

F.T.A. Club; Varsity Club 4; Library Staff 1; 
Baseball Team 1,2,3,4; Dramatics 2. 
Aim: Professional baseball player 

Baldwin, David George 
Explorers 1,2,3; Hi-Y 4; 
Aim: To join U.S. Army 

Barnes, Annie Elnora (Will) 

Creative Dancing 1; Science Club 2; French 

Club 3; French Activity 4; 

Aim: Secretary 

Barnes, Bernetta (Net) 

Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; Dance Group, 3; Business Review 
Club 4; 

Aim: Career in Business Administration 

Through the Years 


Stag Parties, 

Best, Andrew 

F.T.A. Club 1, Hi-Y Club 2, Safety Club 4, 

Varsity Club 3. 

Aim: U.S. Marine Corp. 

Best, Sandra Jean 

Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Honor Society, Homecoming 
Queen of 1959, Math Club 4, Teller of D.H.S. 
Bank 3. 

Aim: Surgical Nurse 

Best, Verlene (Shortie) 

Student Council 1,3; Member of Yearbook staff 
Glee Club' 1,2; Safety Patrol; Vice President of 
Aim: Secretary 

Best, Walter ^ 

Dance Group 1,2,3; Student Council 1, 
Aim: To be good citizen 

Barnes, Thomas Franklin (Tom) 

F.T.A. 1, Hi-Y 1, Varsity Club 1, Chaplain of 

SC 3, Arts and Craft 4, Pres. of home room 1, 

Chaplain of home room 2. 

Aim: Baseball Player 

Batiste, George, Jr. (Teesy) 
Glee Club 1,2, Science Club 1, Pres. of Home- 
room, Vice-Pres. of Senior Class, Varsity Club 
2, Dance Group 4, Vice-Pres. Honor Society. 
Aim: Pharmacist 

Bell, Henry (Tiger) 

Varsity Club, Football team, Baseball team. 
Aim: To join U.S. Marine Corps 

Bell, Mary Lois (Mabelle) 

Arts & Craft Club; Bible Club 2; F.T.A. Club 3, 
Press Club 4. 
Aim: Sociologist 

Dances, Games 


Boothe, Edward Charles 
Varsity Club 1,2,3,4; Hi-Y 1; Baseball 2,3; 
Ass. Secretary; Basketball Team 1,2,3,4, 
Aim: To attend college 

Borah, Bobby Michael 

Science Club 1,2, Glee Club 2; Math Club 4; 
Aim: Radio Engineering 

Braswell, Shirley 

Crafts Club 1, Dramatics club 2,3; Business 
club 4. 
Aim: Nurse 

Braswell, Vera (Vara) 

Honor Society; Newspaper Editorial Staff 1,2,3,4; 
Safety Patrol 3; Glee club 2,4; Library Staff 4; 
Jr. Oratorical club 3; Dramatics Club 1. 
Aim: Chemist 

Steadies, Homecomings, Plays 

Brewer, Elizabeth Ellen (Liz) 

Tri-Hi-Y 1; Asst. Treasurer; Future Teachers 

of America club 2; Drama club 3; Business 

Review Club 4. 

Aim: Cosmetologist 

Brown, David R] 

Bible Club 1; Safety Club 2,3; Safety Patrol 1. 
Aim: To join armed service 

Burden, Leon 

Future Teachers of America 1; Dramatics Club 
1; Carpentry 2; Hi-Y Club 1; Baseball 2; Junior 
Play 1. 

Aim: To Join U.S. Army 

Chatman, Carolyn "Chat" .P 

Dramatics Club 1; Administrative Assistant 3; 

Aim: Secretary 


Clark, Daniel Leroy (Danny) 
Band Club 1,2,3,4, Business Manager, Junior 
class; Arts & Crafts 1; President Homeroom 3; 
Aim: Pilot, U.S. Air Force 

Coley, Bruce 

Band Club 3,4; Hi-Y 1; Baseball Team 1, Bus 

Aim: Military Career 

Council, Henry (Goose) 
Student Council; Safety Patrol. 
Aim: U.S. Army 

Cox, Dorothy Jean (Little Bit) 

Bible Club 1; Glee Club 2,3; Press Club 1; 

Aim: Nursing Career 

. . and 

Cox, Elijah (Boot) T) 
Safety Patrol 1,2,3,4. 
Aim: To be a bricklayer 

Darden, Carnell 

Senior Hi-Y 1; Sightseeing Club 4. 
Aim: Carpentry Teacher 

Darden, Milford E. ^ 

Varsity Club 2,3,4, Football 2,3,4. 

Aim: To Join U.S. Army 

Davis, Jay Dee 

Voc. Ind. 1, Bible Club 2; Math 4. 
Aim: To join U.S. Navy 


Davis, Peggy (Chink) 

Safety Patrol 2; Dramatics 2,3; Press Club 1; 
Flag bearer 3,4; Office Staff 4; 
Aim: Secretary 

Dawson, Harold Edward, Jr. (Bud) 

Glee Club 1,2,4; Band Club 2,3,4; Dance Group 

1,2; Football 2,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; 

Aim: To attend College 

Davis, Norwood V. (Bill) 

Hi-Y Club 1,2,3,4; Baseball Team 1,2,3,4; 

Aim: Professional baseball player 

Dortch, Geraldine (Gerrie) 

Dramatics Club 1; Glee Club 2,4; Press Club 

3,4; Junior Oratorical Club 3; Treasurer of 

Homeroom 1,4; 

Aim: Elementary Teacher 

Never-to-Be Forgotten Friendships 

Dreighton, Merian 

Arts and Crafts 1; Tri-Hi-Y Club 2; Bible Club 
3; Business Review Club 4; Junior Oratorical 
Contest 3; Glee Club 1; 
Aim: Secretary 

Edwards, Evelyn Frances (Evie) 
Tri-Hi-Y 1; Dance Group 2,3,4; 
Aim: Nurse 

Elliott, Marilyn Jean D 

Tri-Hi-Y Club 1; Dramatics Club 2,3; Junior 

Oratorical Contest 3; Press Club 4; Junior 

Oratorical Club 3; 

Aim: Registered Nurse 

Evans, Hilda (Rabbit) 

Bible Club 1,2,3; Press Club 4; Glee Club 4; 
Aim: Secretary 


Evans, Leroy ( "Muscles") 

Explorers Club 1, Safety Club 3, Dramatics 

Club 2, Band Club 4. 

Aim: To join armed service 

Exum, Johnnie Wayne ( "Red") ~& 

F.T.A. Club 1, Science Club 2, Sightseeing 

Club 4. 

Aim: To be a carpenter 

Exum, Olytha Gray ( "Tootsie") 

Speech Club 1, Glee Club 2,3,4; Business Review 

4, Band Asst. Secretary of homeroom 

Aim: Private Secretary 

Ford, Grant Junior . . 

Hi-Y Club 1, Safety Club 2; Football 1,2,3,4, 
Varsity Club 4. 
Aim: U.S. Army 

Fond Memories of Our 

Ford, Jimmie Edward ("Sparo") 
F.T.A. Club, Treasurer, homeroom 1-4, Dra- 
matics Club 2, Student Council 3, Senior Hi-Y 

Aim: To join U.S.A. F. 

Ford, Minnie Pearl ^} 
Safety Patrol Club 1, Arts & Crafts Club 2, 
Speech Club 3, Glee Club 4, Library Club 4. 
Aim: Private Secretary 

Ford, Raiford ( "Heavyweight") 5) 

Safety Club 1,2, French Club 3, Dramatics Club 


Aim: Professional Basketball player 

Garrett, Johnnie Haskell ( "Petter Rabbit") £ 
Safety Club 1,2, Varsity Club 3,4, Football 
Team 2,3,4, 


Gaynor, Joseph Earl 

President, Student Council, Honor Society; 
Math Club (Vice Pres.) Assistant Editor, Year- 
book; President of Sophomore & Junior classes; 
President of home room 1,2,3; Captain of foot- 
ball team 4; Defensive Captain, Shrine Bowl 
team 1960. 
Aim: Engineer 

George, Clarence ^ 

Explorers club 1; Safety Club 1,3,4. 

Aim: To join U.S. Army 

Glenn, Earl Jr. 

National Honor Society 3,4; Glee Club 2; Class 
vice president 2,3; Football 4; Baseball 1,2,4; 
Basketball 1,2,3,4; Treasurer Student Council 2; 
Dramatics 1; Science Study 4. 
Aim: Dentist 

Griffin, Raiford ^ 

Science Club 1,2,3; Sightseeing Club 4. 

Aim: Barber 

Past Teachers . . . 

Hall, Betty 

Bible Club 2; Safety Patrol; Math Club; Speech 
Club; Glee Club; National Honor Society; 
Student Council representative; Secretary home 
room 4. 

Aim: Stenographer 

Hall, Hugh Gastelle "Billy" 

Safety Club 1,2,3,4. 

Aim: Architectural Engineering 

Hall, Jimmy Lee 
Explorers Club 1,2,3; 
Aim: Professional Guitarist 

Hamilton, Joyce Ann "Shortie" 

Dramatics 1; Glee Club, President yearbook 

staff 4. 

Aim: English Teacher 


Hamm, Curtis Eugene 

Hi-Y 1, Band Club 2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4, 

Aim: Artist 

Hamm, Hattie (Hat) 

Tri-Hi-Y Club 1; Dance Group 2, Bible Club 3; 
Business Review 4. 
Aim: Secretarial Career 

Harper, Geraldine (Hopper Grass) 
Dramatics Club 2,3, Arts & Crafts 1, Cheer- 
leader 3,4; Secretary of Homeroom. 
Aim: Certified Public Accountant 

Hatch, Elizabeth Ann (Chick-Chick) 
Dramatics Club 2,3; Safety Club 3; Cheer- 
leaders* Club 4, Office Staff 4; Library Staff 3. 
Aim: Secretary 

Through the Years 

Herring, George Lawrence (Tom) 

Explorer Club 1, Jr. Hi-Y 2, (Pres.) Senior Hi-Y 

3,4; Sec. 1. 

Aim: Architectural Engineer 

Hicks, Hattie Louise (Lou) 
Dramatics Club 1, Dance Group 2,3, Cheer- 
leader 4. 

Aim: Nursing career 

Hogans, Cora Anne 

Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Math 4; Yearbook Com- 
mittee 4; Vice Pres. of Homeroom 3; Secretary, 
Math Club. 

Aim: To be Elementary Teacher 

Holloway, Benjamin Franklin 

Explorer 1, Varsity Club 2,3,4; Basketball team 


Aim: Electronic Technician 


House, Christine 

Bible Club 1,2, Student Council Representative 
1, World Peace Contest--2nd Place winner, Glee 
Club 3, Press Club 2,3,4. 
Aim: Practical Nurse 

Howell, Mary Lee ("Peaches") 

Arts & Crafts Club 1, Dramatics Club 2, Press 

Club 3,4, 

Aim: Registered Nurse 
Howell, Ralph Sidney 

Hi-Y 1,2, Press Club 3; School messenger 3,4, 
Member of Honor Society, Dramatics Club, 
Business Manager, Dillard Hi News, 
Aim: Veterinarian 

Hunter, Phyllis Faye ( "sister") 
Press Club- -News Editor 3, Dramatics Club 1, 
Tri-Hi-Y 2, Public Speaking 4, Sec. of home- 
room 1. 

Aim: Laboratory Technician 

We Have Diligently 

Isler, James Thomas ("Pipe") J)> 

Hi-Y 1, Glee Club 2, Press Club 3, President 

of the Junior Oratorical Club 3, Pres., Senior 


Aim: To attend college 
Jackson, Harry ("Jack") 

F.T.A. Club 1, Safety Club 2, Sr. Hi-Y 3, Var- 
sity Club 4; Football Team 4. 
Aim: To join U.S.M.C. 

Jackson, Leroy Ira ("shotgun") 

Hi-Y Club 2, Pres. of Varsity Club 4, Pres. of 

record class 1, Supt. of Masonry class 4, Capt. 

of Varsity Basketball Team 4, 

Aim: Military Career 

Jenkins, Annie Louise ("sister") 
F.T.A. Club 3, Business Review 4, 
Aim: Secretary 



Johnson, Henrietta 

National Honor Society, Dillard Band 2,3,4, 
Glee Club 1,2,3,4, Band Club 1,2,3,4, Oratori- 
cal Club 3, Junior Class Play 3, 
Aim: Music Teacher 

Jolly, Willie Lee ("Bill, Jr.") 
Hi-Y 1,2, Varsity 3,4, 
Aim: Engineer 

Jones, Andrew ("Killer") 

Hi-Y Club 1, Safety Club 2, Senior Hi-Y 3, 

Mec. Drawing 4. 

Aim: Marine Corp. 

Jones, Bobby Nathaniel ("Tap") ^ 
Safety Club 1,2,3, Cheerleaders' Club 4. 
Aim: Undecided 

and Faithfully 

Kirk, John Edward ("Poss") 

Glee Club 1,2, Political Science 1, Math Club 

3, Press Club 4, Honor Society, Student Council 
2, Junior Class Play 3, Editor, Dillard Hi News 

4, Make-up editor, yearbook. 
Aim: Mathematician 


Langley, Jean (Jeanie) 

Student Council 2, Glee Club 1,2,3,4, Cheer- 
leader 1, Safety Patrol. 
Aim: WAF 

Langston, Christine ( "Chris") 
Tri-Hi-Y, Dramatics Club 3, 
Aim: Private Secretary 

Leggett, Noma Meredith 

Dramatics Club 1, Dance Group 2,3,4, Sec. of 

homeroom 4. 

Aim: Nursing Career 


Lewis, Annie Lee (Anne) 

Dramatics Club 1,2, Cheerleader 2,3, Secretary, 
Junior Class 3, Corr. Sec. of Student Council 4, 
Public Speaking Club 4, Secretary of 10th 
grade home room. 
Aim: Telephone Operator 

Lewis, Cheryl 

Bible Club 1, Glee Club 2, Math 3, Science 
Study 4, Secretary of class 2, Pres., home room 
3,4, Honor Society. 
Aim: Medical Technician 

Lewis, John Thomas 

Safety Club 1,2,3, Band Club 1, 

Aim: To join U.S. Marine Corps. 

Lewis, Raymond Earl 

Hi-Y Club 1, Band Club 2,3,4, 

Aim: Band Teacher 

"Strived Consistently for Excellence," 


Lucas, Letha Mae (Datsy) 

F.T.A. Club 1, Tri-Hi-Y Club 2, F.T.A. Club 3, 

French Club 4, 

Aim: To be a psychiatrist 

McDuffie, Lonnie (Squirrel) 

Explorers Club 1,2, Glee Club 1, Safety Club 1, 

Aim: To join U.S. Army or work as carpenter 

Mclntyre, William R. (Mack) 
Glee Club 3,4, Safety Patrol 3,4, 
Aim: To join U.S. Air Force 

McNair, Wilma Marie 

Arts and Crafts 1, Glee Club 2,3,4, Press Club 4, 
Aim: To be a Seamstress 


Merriweathers, Samuel Henry ( "Devil") 
Student Council 1,2, Safety Patrol 1,2, Hi-Y 3, 
Varsity Club 4, Vice President of home room. 
Aim: Armed Services 

Miles, Mary Elizabeth ( "Blossom") 
Dramatic Club 1,2,3, Sightseeing Club 4. 
Aim: Secretary 

Moses, Annie Mae 

Dramatics 1, Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Press 4; Year- 
book Staff 4. 
Aim: Private Secretary 

Moses, Sandra ("San") 

Dramatics Club, 1,2,3; Math Club 4; Honor 
Society 3,4; Advertising Manager, Yearbook 
Staff; Sec. of Dramatics Club 1,2,3. 
Aim: Registered Nurse 

In Order to Take Our Places 

Murdock, Carol Ann ("Head") 

Dance Group 3, Homeroom President 3, Junior 

Oratorical Club 3, Library Club 4. 

Aim: Teacher 

Musgrave, Mamie 

Dramatics Club 1,2,3, Science Club 1, Student 
Council 1, Glee Club 1, World Peace Contest 3. 
Aim: Medical Technician 

Parks, Otis Sam 

Band Club 1,2; Hi-Y 3,4; 

Aim: Dentist 

Parks, Rochelle ("Chelle") 

Dramatics Club 1,3; N.H.A. Club 3, Co-Captain 
Cheering Squad 4; Class Secretary 1,2,3,4; Class 
President 1. 
Aim: Typist 

Peacock, Harold Scott 

Science Club 1, Safety Club 2; Band Club 2, 
Student Council 4; Member of the Senior 

Aim: U.S. Air Force Career 

Peacock, Pauline Paisley (Prycock) 

Dance Group 1,2,3,4; Junior oratorical contest, 

2nd place winner, Majorette 1,2,3,4. 

Aim: Surgical Nurse 

Person, James 

Safety Club; 

Aim: To join U.S.M.C. 

Peterson, Frances Lee 

Dramatics Club, Secretary 1, Speech Club 2, 
Future Teachers 3; Glee Club 2,4, Office 
Assistant 4. 
Aim: Secretary 

in This Space Age. 

Phillips, Jessie Marie (Sister) 

Arts & Crafts Club, Band; Student Council, 

Honor Society; Junior Oratorical Club 3; Bible 


Aim: Elementary Teacher 

Pouncey, Marie Antoinette (Tonee) 
Glee Club 1,2,3,4, Honor Society, World Peace 
Contest winner 3, 1st Girl Scouts 2, N.H.A. 
Club 3,4. 

Aim: Home Economics Major 

Rattliff, Joyce Marie (Retha) 

Glee Club 2, Math Club 4, Safety Patrol 4. 

Aim: Cosmetologist 

Reddick, Lucy Lee (Peggie) 
Glee Club 1,2,3,4, Press Club 4. 
Aim: Nursing Career 


Rich, William 

Student Council 1,2,3, Hi-Y, Varsity Club 2,3,4, 
Home room Pres. 1,4, Football team, Baseball 
team 3. 

Aim: To enter College 
Richardson, Cleo 

Tri-Hi-Y 1, Treasurer of F.T.A. 2, Drama Club 
3, Business Review Club 4, Treasurer of Home 
room; Secretary of Senior Class. 
Aim: Private Secretary 

Richardson, Charles Linwood (Rat) 

Jr. Hi-Y Club, Sr. Hi-Y Club 2, Varsity Club 

3, Math Club. 

Aim: Aeronautics Engineer 

Robinson, Faye Lajeune (Chick) 
Glee Club 1,2,3,4, Girl Scouts, Honor Society, 
Math Club, Typing Contest, "Miss Varsity" 
60, Assistant Secretary, Senior Class; Secretary 
Honor Society, Secretary home room 1,3, 
Aim: Private Secretary 

Let Us Not Forget 

Robinson, Jazell 

Explorers' Club 1, Varsity Club 2,3,4, Football 
Team 4. 

Aim: To be a surgeon 

Robinson, Vonnell(Big Daddy) 

Varsity Club 1,2,3,4, Football team 1,2,3,4, 

Student Council, Sgt.-at-arms, Basketball 

manager 1,2,3,4, Bus Driver 2,3,4, Shrine 

Bowl Game player 4. 

Aim: Professional Football player 

Rodgers, Donald 

Hi-Y Club 1, Varsity Club 2,3,4, Junior Varsity 
Basketball 2, captain, 2nd year, Varsity Bas- 
ketball 3,4, Baseball team 1,2,3, 
Aim: U.S.A.F. 

Savage, Greather O'Neil (Grete) 

Student Council 1, Arts and Crafts Club 1, 

World Peace Contest 2, Band II Club Student 

2,3,4, Junior Contest 3, 

Aim: To be a registered nurse 


Scott, Sybil Faye(Foxy) 

Junior Class Play 3; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Student 
Council 1,2,4; Dramatics Club 1, Dillard Bank 
Teller 3,4; Miss Homecoming 2,4; President of 
Homeroom 2; 

Aim: Laboratory Technician 

Seegars, Leroy B. (Siggs) 

Yearbook staff, Bible Club 1, Glee Club 2, 

Public Speaking Club, Dramatics Club, Chaplain, 

Student Council. 

Aim: Theology Instructor 

Sherard, Betty Jean 

Arts and Crafts 1, Vice Pres. of F.T.A. Club 2, 
Dramatics Club 3, Business Review 4. 
Aim: Secretary 

Skinner, Essie Karol("Sug") 
Dramatics Club 1,2,3, Press Club. 
Aim: Typist 

Our Dear Parents 

Simmons, Janice ("Jan") 

Student Council 2,3,4, Bible Club 1, Dramatics 
Club 3, Glee Club 3,4, Speech Club 4. 
Aim: Secretary-Receptionist 

Smith, Albert Blair ("Baby Brother) 

Senior Hi-Y 3,4, Band Club 1,2, 

Aim: To be a lawyer or join the U.S.M.C. 

Smith, Jr., Bennie ("Brother") 
Science Club 1,2, Senior Hi-Y Club 3. 
Aim: To be a carpenter 

Smith, Marshall A. 

Explorers 1, Hi-Y Club 2, Patrol Force 2,3,4, 
Aim: Architectural Engineering or Aircraft 
Maintenance as service career in U.S. Air 


Smith, Sterling 

Science Club 1, Safety Club 2,3, Senior Hi-Y 
Club 4. 

Aim: Auto Mechanic 
Stevens, Marjorie Oreta 

Library Club 3, Dramatics Club 1, Glee Club 
2,4, Public Speaking 4, Student Council 3, 
Vice-Pres., Dramatics Club 3, Junior Oratorical 
Club 3, Flag Bearer, D.H.S. Band 4. 
Aim: Nurse 

Stevens, Minnie Pearl (Coffee) 

Glee Club 1,3, Administrative Assistant 3, 

Financial Secretary, Junior Class 3, Secretary 

homeroom, recording Sec. Student Council, 

Pres. Honor Society. 

Aim: Atomic Research Field 

Taylor, Eula Mae (Cookie) 

Arts and Craft 1, Student Council 1, Dramatics 

Club 3, Dance Group 1,2. 

Aim: Stenographer 

Who Have Sacrificed 

Taylor, Flora 

Arts and Craft, Secretary, F.T.A., Dramatics 
Club 3, Business Review Club 4. 
Aim: Stenographer 

Taylor, John (Mickey) Q 

Safety Club 1,2,3. 

Aim: Professional baseball player 

Thomas, Frances Elizabeth (Frankie) ID 
Speech Club 1, Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, Safety Patrol 
3, Press Club 4. 
Aim: Nursing career 

Thompson, Carolyn 

Dramatics 1, Glee Club 2,3, Safety Patrol Club 
3, French Club 4. 
Aim: Nursing career 


-Sm > am 



In Order That 

Thompson, Ruth Mary 

Speech Club--1, French Club--2, F.T.A.--3, 
Business Review Club- -4, Junior Oratorical Club- - 

Aim: Secretary 
Vinson, Barbara ("Barb") 

Dramatics Club--1,2,3, Speech Club--1, Stu- 
dent Council--l. 
Aim: Secretary 

Wellington, George Lee ("Knot") 

Science Club--1, Safety Club- -2, Senior Hi-Y 


Aim: To join U.S. Army 

Watson, Virginia Mae ("Sanky") 
Glee Club— 1, Asst. Sec, Tri-Hi-Y--2, Dra- 
matics Club- -3, Library Staff- -3, Library 
Club--3, Public Speaking- -4. 
Aim: Secretary 

We Might 

White, James Edward ("Joedy") 

Vice President, Student Council- -4, Varsity 

Club- -2,3, Honor Society--3,4, Math Club. 

Pres. --4, Football, Co-captain- -1 ,2,3,4, 

Dramatics Club Hi-Y--1, Associate Editor, 

Dillard Hi News. 

Aim: Air Force Pilot 

Whitley, John Henry ("John Pete") 
Safety Club--1,2, Student Council, Varsity 
Club- -3, Football Team- -4. 
Aim: Government Worker 

Williams, Joseph ("Joe-Joe") 

Glee Club--l-4, Football- -1 -4, Basketball-- 

2-4, Baseball--3. 

Aim: Engineer 

Wilkins, Shirley Ann 

Tri-Hi-Y Club--1, Bible Club- -2, Business 
Review Club--4, Glee Club. 
Aim: Secretary 


Williams, Margaret 

Speech Club 1, F.T.A. Club 2, Business Review 
Club 3. 
Aim: Typist 

Williams, Margie 

Library Club 1, Science Club 4, Business 
Review Club 4. 
Aim: Stenographer 

Williams, Margaret A. 

Science Club--1,2,3, Business Review Club--4 
Aim: Nurse 

Williams, Ruth Geneva ("Cookie") 

Glee Club--2,3,4, Tri-Hi-Y 1, World Peace 

Speaking Contest--3, Vice-Pres. of homeroom 

3,1, Yearbook Staff. 

Aim: Missionary 

Reach Our Goal — 

Woodard, William Earl 

Speech Club--1, Jr. Hi-Y Club--2, Senior 

Hi-Y Club--3,4. 

Aim: Unknown 


Wooten, Oscar ("Ray") 

Student Council--2, Safety Club--1,4. 

Aim: Bricklayer 

Wright, Edward Lawerence 

Senior Hi-Y, Secretary, homeroom- -4. 

Aim: to enter armed service 

Wynbush, Ruth 

Tri-Hi-Y; Press Club, Bible Club--1,2, Junior 
Oratorical Contest- -3, Arts & Crafts Club--1. 
Aim: Teacher 




Li^= — S — 1 


By Henrietta Johnson 
Tune: God of Our Fathers 
We sing our song of loyalty, Dillard our alma mater true. 
Dillard we love, our alma mater dear 
Faithful and true, with strength throughout each year. 
Dillard we serve in humble thankfulness 
Striving to show that we can do our best. 

Parents our lives and hearts to thee we give, 
You gave us courage and the will to live. 
Teachers and friends whose love and loyalty, 
Gave us the knowledge that will set us free. 

We stand united reaching for our goal, 
As we march on success will soon unfold. 
Dillard we hail thee as our guiding light, 
To lead us onward toward a future bright. 

God bless these walls, and may they ever stand, 
Guiding us with a strong and mighty hand. 
And keep them safe forever night and day, 
We lift our voices in eternal praise. 
We sing our song, We sing our song, Dillard we sing 
to thee. 

Class Motto: We sail the sea of ambition to anchor 
in the harbor of success. 

Class colors: Light blue and white 
Class flower: American beauty rose 



"Who's Who and Why in Goldsboro, North Carolina," dedicated to 
the class of 1961. The following items give a glimpse into the 
future of some of the members of this distinquished class: 
Bernetta Barnes will be a singer at the Apollo Theater. 
Bobby Borah will be the "mad Scientist." 
Evelyn Edwards will star with the June Taylor dancers. 
Joseph Gaynor will be a civil engineer in India. 
Earl Glenn will make the world's TOP TEN PLAYBOYS' list. 
John Kirk will be a renowned mathematician. 
Cora Hogans will teach in Africa. 

James White will be a pilot for the United States Air Force. 

Faye Robinson will be private secretary to the President. 

Leroy Seegars will be as well known as Martin Luther King. 

Joseph Williams will be on the Cherry Hospital Staff, Goldsboro, N. C. 

Greather Savage will be a great social leader. 

Danny Clark will head Clark's Grocery. 

Joyce Rattcliff will become a leading cosmetologist. 

Leroy Jackson will be playing with the Harlem Globe Trotters. 

Sandra Best will still be on the HEAD-QUARTERS Staff. 

Marie Pouncey will be a fashion designer in Paris. 

Jessie Phillips will be a spy for the F.B.I. 

Annie Lewis will keep her shape. 

Sybil Scott will always be a "Queen" in one competitive activity or 

Raymond Lewis will always be late. 
Henrietta Johnson will be a great musician. 
Ruth Williams will be a Sunday School Teacher. 
Jimmy Ford will be a Public Defender. 
James Alston will travel far. 

Curtis Hamm will be most popular with the females. 
William Rich will succeed Congressman Adam C. 

Powell as pastor of Abyssinia Baptist Church. 
Janice Simmons will succeed as a career girl. 

I congratulate the class of 1961 on the brilliant success each of 
its members is about to achieve on its famous future? 



(From the Achives of Dillard 
High School- -year--2061) 


The history of the graduating class of nineteen hundred and sixty 
one was an extraordinary one filled with great scholars, musicians, 
athletic competition, vivacious individuals unprofessionally skilled 
in the art of dancing, and, of course, honors accompanied with past 
deeds. This class was the first four-year class to graduate from the 
newly completed institution. This in itself might have been an 
omen of good luck to the class. As I briefly flip my fingers through 
the pages of their history- -I come to the year of nineteen-hundred 
and fifty seven. It was a great year for the freshmen of this institu- 
tion. Binnie Barnes reigned as homecoming queen. Judging from 
this blurred picture, it was a right choice. Joseph Gaynor was the 
president of the class. 1958-59 was another great year for the more 
matured and thoughtful sophomores of Dillard. Eleven of them 
became probationary members of the National Honor Society. Marie 
Pouncey was "Miss Sweetheart" of the Royal Knights. Determined 
not to be outdone, Sybil Scott from that class was "Miss Home- 
coming." It seems that this class had excellent participation in all the activities of Dillard. 

1959- 60- -A year that was eagerly awaited by all persons- -The Junior Year! ! This year topped all 
years for this class. Joseph Gaynor was president of the class. Under his guidance, the class prospered. 
Twenty-one Juniors became active members of the Honor Society. Indeed, this was a record perfor- 
mance. This class had excellent participation in sports- -The class rallied again and Sandra Best was 
"Miss Homecoming." At the end of the year, Joseph Gaynor was chosen president of the student council 
and James Isler, president of the class. It was a wonderful year with a wonderful ending. 

As I thumb into 1960-61, I see that the class of '61 were eagerly preparing for classes, college, tak- 
ing exams, and of course, there was the usual excitement of a Senior class. Although this is nothing 
unusual for the class, Sybil Scott thundered into first place as "Miss Homecoming." Earl Glenn was 
chosen Editor of the yearbook, John Kirk, as I see, was editor of the school paper, the Dillard High 
News. Henrietta Johnson wrote the class song, "Ode to Dillard," and as I said, the usual excitement of 
a senior class. The colors of the class were light blue and white, and the flower was the American 
beauty rose. 

Under the supervision of the faculty advisors, Mrs. D. D. Jones, Mr. R. James, Mrs. J. B. Carr, Mr. 
J. E. Green, and Mrs. T. O. Brown, some of the members of this class "anchored in the harbor of success 
and were great figures in their time. 

So I'll put this great volume back, and a word to the class of 2061, follow in the class of '61 's foot- 
steps, and Success will be yours. 

John Kirk XX-Historian of the Achives 



We, the members of the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-one, in the city of Goldsboro and the 
state of North Carolina, being in good mental condition and in better temper than usual, do make this, 
our last will and testament, hereby revoking all other wills made by us. 

Article I To our principal, much success in the years to come. 

Article II To our teachers, thanks for the fine guidance and training that you have given us. 
Article III To the juniors, we leave our seats and scholastic abilities. 
Article IV To the sophomores, we bequeath the will to be first in everything. 
Article V To the freshmen, hope and self-assurance for the tedious journey ahead of you. 
Article VI 

Section I 

To Laura Jones, Pauline Peacock leaves her band suit. 

Greather Savage leaves her nine-year old worn clarinet to Delores Pope. 

Cora Ann Hogans wills her hair to Minnie Swinson. 

Marie Pouncey wills her splendid personality to Selma Spicer. 

Minnie Stevens wills her shape to Burnadette Ford. 

Marian Ashford wills her shortness to Annie Hargrove. 

To Ludy Bowden, Cheryl Lewis wills her "brains." 

James White wills his ability to play football to John King. 

Bruce Coley leaves his bus to "Cool Dad." 

Barbara Vinson wills her small feet to Cardriner Bowden. 

Leroy Jackson wills his basketball fame to Larry Jackson. 

To Mae Rachel Best, Cleo Richardson leaves her typing ability. 

Geraldine Harper wills her lips to Annie Wynbush. 

Nancy Atkinson wills her glasses to Katrina Hicks. 

Charles Booth wills his basketball ability to Tom Lewis. 

Shirley Atkinson wills her majorette suit to Linda Atkinson. 

Thomas Barnes wills his baseball ability to Colonel Barnes. 

Faye Robinson wills her legs to Margaret Miller. 

Sybil Scott wills her talking ability to Charles Scott. 

To Thelma Rowe, Leroy Seegars wills his executive ability. 

Annie Lewis wills her good times at Dillard to Gloria Ward. 

To Willie Massey, Earl Glenn leaves his football suit number 11. 

James Alston wills his traffic tickets to Hubert and Herbert Newkirk. 

John Kirk leaves to Cynthia Smith his seat in College Math, wishing for her the best of success. 
Joseph Williams leaves his football suit to Edward Dowdy. 
Vonnell Robinson wills his football greatness to Lenord Savage. 
Daniel Clarke wills his stoutness to Milton Barries. 

In the presence of witnesses, we, the members of the class of "61" set our hand and seal this day, 
January 30. 1961. 

Class "61" 

Marian Ashford, Pauline Peacock 
Cora Hogans 

Nancy Atkinson- -Notary Public 




The Great Adventure 

(by Bobby Borah) 

I. As we, the Senior Class, begin 
To travel on our way 
To find our place on this God's earth 
And make a brighter day, 
We feel a sense of pride 
And yet we also find 
Beford us is a challenge 
Where we all find peace of mind. 

II. A challenge and a promise 
To the one who dares to try 
To seek the mysteries beyond 
The promises that lie 
Deep in the imagination of each 
Ambition Spurs him on 
With strength inside, each traverer feels 
Victory is yet to be won. 

III. Endebted are we to our school, 
Our parents, every friend 
Who helped us on our long, long, way 
Our gratitude has no end. 

IV. Our struggles will be "dreams-come-true" 
If we will only wait 

And look to God the Giver of all things that we call great. 
But now we wait with purpose 
Wondering what each aim will be 
Yet we will try to be the best 
Wherever our aims will lead. 

V. To teachers, and our parents 
And to each and every friend 
Remember to say this prayer for us 
"God Bless Thee To The End." 





Likely To Succeed 




Janice Simmons 
Leroy Armstrong 



Daniel Clark X-Citing Joyce Rattliff 

Benjamin Holloway Wittiest Betty Sherard 

Robert Barnes Obedient . Peggy Davis 

James Alston Modest Cleo Richardson 

Harold Dawson Intellectual Jessie Phillips 

Daniel Clark Agreeable . Eula Taylor 

James Alston Understanding Verlene Best 

Ralph Howell Courteous Joyce Hamilton 

Leroy Seegars Proudest Greather Savage 

Harvey Ayres Kind. . Saundra Moses 

George Batiste Popular Annie Lewis 

Andrew Jones Attractive Essie Skinner 

Benjamin Holloway Friendly Flora Taylor 

Bobby Borah Refined Janice Simmons 

Leroy Seegars Bossy Annie Moses 

Albert Smith Cute Verlene Best 

Harvey Ayres Delightful Marie Pouncy 

Joseph Gaynor Famous Sybil Scott 

Graceful Evelyn Edwards 

Andrew Jones Handsome 

Harold Dawson Humorous Geraldine Harper 

Earl Glenn Likeable Barbara Vinson 

Bobby Borah Quietest Geraldine Dortch 

Earl Glenn Most Conceited Pauline Peacock 

Carnell Darden Talkative Annie Lewis 

Raymond Lewis Talented Henrietta Johnson 

Donnie Bryant Laziest Annie Jenkins 

James Isler Co-operative Nancy Atkinson 

Bobby Borah Bashful Shirley Braswell 










Vhonor society/- 

V>Y> ssVv^ \ ^ crn- 1 ~5>Ct>'\V 


Long Practices Produce Superb Performances 




Dillard High Band and Precision Marchers 


Cheerleaders Help Spark Team Spirit 











Homecoming Queen 
Sybil F. Scott 
B. Barnes & S. Grantham 







Co-Capt. White Capt. Gaynor Co-Capt. Armstrong 


f 9. § . £ 

S3 ■ . 





1961 TIGERS 

Leroy Jackson- -Captain Senior 25 

Earl Glenn, Jr. --Co-Captain Senior 30 

Benjamin Holloway Senior 35 

Harold Dawson, Jr. Senior 21 

Donald Rodgers Senior 42 

Charles Boothe Senior 22 

Willie Massey Junior 33 

Joseph Williams Senior 48 

Joseph Johnson Junior 41 

Willie Jolly Senior 20 

Kirby Whitfield Junior 23 

George Miller Junior 31 

Thomas Lewis Junior 34 

Willie Fennell Junior 32 

Erthel Hines Junior 24 

Coach Bob Dowery 
Vonnell Robinson- -Trainer 




904 South Slocumb Street 
Republic 5-1370 

Pianos Sporting Goods 
Organs Stereos & T. V.'s 
Sheet Music Guitars 
Radios Musical Inst. 

"It Pays To Play" 

202-204 East Walnut St. 
Republic 4-2871 

Adamsville Branch RE 4-4525 

Compliments of 


Furniture of All Kinds 

"Never let it be told that 
we are under sold." 

229 North John Street 

Dependable Service Since 

Corners of John & Elm Streets 




"PVi nne R TT A_ Q 1 1 


Your Friendly Furniture Store 

112 North John Street 
RE 4-4011 
Goldsboro, North Carolina 


We Clothe the Entire Family 
On Easy Weekly or Monthly 
123 East Walnut Street 

LrOlaSDOrO, JN . U. 

Compliments of 

235 North John Street 

Grocer and Market 
317 East Elm Street 
Telephone RE 4-4627 

Compliments of 

POWELL'S 5£ to 
$5.00 STORE 

600 South Slocumb Street 

Goldsboro N. C. 

"Home of Better Values" 
126 Walnut Street 
Goldsboro N. C. 

"The Home of Values" 

Goldsboro N. C. 



Corner of 
John and 
Chestnut Sts. 

Complim ent s 


Corner of Elm 

Slocumb Streets 
Goldsboro North Carolina 

C om plim ent s 


Your Friendly, 
Local Bank 

We Appreciate Your Business 

Member of F.D.I.C. 
123-25 N. Center Street 


156 South Center Street 

P. O. Box 427 

Goldsboro N. C. 

Dial RE 4-0 845 


Cameras and Projectors 

Photographic Equipment 

122 South Center Street 
Goldsboro N. C. 

Your Local Jewelers 
108 North Center St. 
Goldsboro N. C. 

Your Store of Fashions, 
Quality and Service 


Serving You and Yours 
96 Years 

Box 579 

Goldsboro N. C. 


138 East Walnut Street 
Goldsboro N. C. 

Men and Boys' Clothing 



Dry Cleaners and Hatters 

Cor. S. James and Elm Strs. 
Goldsboro, N. C. 
Dial RE 4-4461 

Congratulations and Best 
Wishes from 


Offices in Goldsboro- - 

Smithfield- - Wilson 

"One of Goldsboro 1 s Leading 
Beauty Shops" 

Hair Styling, Hair Cutting, 
Scalp Treatment, Manicuring, 
and Bleaching 
Call or Write for 
402 S. Virginia St. RE 4-9852 


L.P. Bulk and Bottled Gas 

Serving Eastern Carolina 

From Goldsboro- -Fremont- - 
Selma- -Kinston and Tarboro 

Tappan Distributor 



A Complete Real Estate 

1 12 S. John Street 
Goldsboro, N. C. 
Dial RE 4-4851 



105-7 East Walnut St. 
Goldsboro, N. C. 



208 N. Center St. 
Goldsboro, N. C 

Specializing in Hand Cleaning 
& Pressing 

Dial RE 4-5311 

Distinctive Feminine 

107 S. Center St. 
Dial RE 4-2521 



"It's The Best Ye Ever Tasted" 

1201 North William St. Goldsboro, N. C 

Free Delivery Service 

Dial RE 4-0711 or RE 4-0712 


Cleaning- -Pressing- -Alterations 
Repairs - - Hat- Blocking - - Pickup 
&: Delivery Service 

Phone RE 4-4184 

Use Our Drive -Up Window 


Courteous & Efficient 
(It Pays to Look Well) 

700 1/2 East Elm Street 

Mrs. Gladys Ford 
Mr. Charlie Rich 
Mr. David Chestnut- - 


Serving Eastern Carolina 
Since 1934 

Goldsboro, N. C 
Dial RE 4-9830 
213 West Pine Street 


Radio Dispatched for Your 

318 South James Street 

RE 4-4825 Dial RE 4-9825 


Call Our Local Representatives 

Mrs. Ora Sutton Brown Edgar J. Pittman 

Miss M. L. Edwards Miss F. L. Oakley, Cashier 

Mrs. Virginia Dawson Joe N. Williams, Staff Manager 

Mrs. Ruby Inman Raymond L. Freeman, Staff Manager 

Lemuel Z. Craft, District Manager 
Office Phone 4-3094 


Mr. James M. Harper 

AIB George Jordan 

2nd. Lt. & Mrs. John Harper Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Chester Davis 

Mr. & Mrs. Joshua Brown 

Mrs. Alberta White 

Mr. & Mrs. Sam Isler 

Mrs. Lillie Sherard 

Mr. & Mrs. Thedwood Sherard 

Mr. Walter Barnes 

Mrs. Naomia Best 

Mr. Willie Best 

Mrs. Lottie Bostic 

Mr. David McCarter 

Mrs. Leona Moore 

Mrs. R. C. Everette 

Mrs. G. A. Cox 

Miss S. E. Guess 

Mrs. Hattie Taylor 

Mrs. Dorothy Crosby 

Mrs. Mozell Isler 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Battle 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Jones 

Mr. & Mrs. Isaac Harper 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Skinner 

Mr. & Mrs. Alanzo Cherry 

Rev. & Mrs. Roy Sykes 

Rev. C. L. Parks 

Mr. Johnny White 

Mrs. Beulah Barnes 

Mr. Stephen Barnes 

Mrs. Mary B. Evans 

Miss Judith Barnes 

Mr. Ralph L. Weeks 

Mr. Franklin Taylor 

Mr. Rubuen Hamilton, Jr. 

Mr. Cary K. Barnes 

Mrs. Mittie Darden 

Miss Margaret Coley 

Mrs. Vertie Watson 

Mrs. Julia King 

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Best, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Lee Atkinson 

Mr. & Mrs. Chester Ashford 

Mrs. C. M. Barnes 

Mr. & Mrs. Adolph Ashford 

Rev. & Mrs. C. L. Parkes 

Mr. Albert Whitertaker 

Miss George E. Green 

Mrs. Geneva Hamilton 

Dr. R. O. Stovall 

Mr. W. E. Todd 

Mrs. Rosa M. Barnes 

Mr. R. O. Wiggs 

Mrs. D. W. Hardy 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Brewer 

Mrs. Hiawatha Savage 

Mr. & Mrs. George Parker 

Mr. & Mrs. George Armstrong 

Mr. Herman Artis 

Mr. J. D. McAllister 

Mrs. Dorothy Langston 

Mr. Walter Langston 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Boyette 

Miss Maryland C. Elliot 

Mr. A. R. Liggins, Jr. 

Mr. R. O. Hawkins 

Sgt. & Mrs. Albert Cherry 

Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Richardson 

Mr. James H. Komegay 

S/g Spencer Walcott 

Miss Sarah Savage 

Herbert R. Tillery, Jr. 

Mr. W. H. Carr 


Mr. & Mrs. Sammuel Cates 

Mrs. Eva Kornegay 

Mrs. Louella Herring 

Mr. Bennie William 

Mr. & Mrs. David Howell 

Mr. & Mrs. William Stokes 

Mr. John T. Patterson, Jr. 

Rev. & Mrs. J. E. Green 

Mr. Franklin Coley 

Mrs. Maggie McCoy 

Mrs. Alberta Morrisey 

Mrs. Julia Whitfield 

Mrs. Octavia Thomas 

Mrs. Betty Williams 

Mrs. Bernice Bell 

Mrs. Cornelia Thompson 

Mr. Charles H. Hill 

Mr. & Mrs., Sam Holloway 

Mrs. Louise Worrells 

Mr. James Worrells 

Mrs. Rosa Brimage 

Mrs. Almira Atkinson 

Mrs. Lillie Parks 

Mr. Willie James Knight 

Mrs. Lucille Knight 

Mr. Eddie Newsome 

Mrs. Mary Dann 

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Best 

Mr. & Mrs. Lester Wilder 

Mr. & Mrs. Wade H. Saunders 

Mr. & Mrs. B. Braswell 

Mrs. Ethel Speight 

Mrs. Georgia Grantham 

Mr. Linwood Earl Summerlin 

Mrs. Minnie B. Murphy 

Mr. James Cole , Jr. 

Mrs. Lillie M. Reddick 

Dr. & Mrs. R. O. Weathers 

Mrs. Catherine Evans Barkley 

Mrs. Carrie Mae Evans 

Mrs. Alice Sykes Hogans 

Mr. & Mrs. T. S. Johnson 

Mr. & Mrs. W. A. Foster 

Mr. & Mrs. Wilbert Ward 

Dr. & Mrs. M. E. Dubissette 

Mr. Henry C. Mitchell 

Mr. & Mrs. William Cole 

Mrs. Hollis F. Bryant 

Mr. Frank Thompson 

Mr. & Mrs. Wallace Ware 

Mr. & Mrs. James Pittman 

Mr. Alfonso Williams 

Mr. & Mrs. Kirby L. Hamilton 

Mrs. Lillie Peterson 

Mr. & Mrs. Ennis Thompson 

Mr. & Mrs. John Wooten 

Mr. & Mrs. Roosevelt Williams 

Mrs. Polly Dawson & Annette 

Mr. & Mrs. Claude Grantham 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Whitted 

Mr. Malissa J. Faison 

Mr. & Mrs. Jesse James Core 

Mr. & Mrs. Winston Davis 

Mr. Almore William 

Mrs. Nellie Marshall & Blondie 

Mrs. Collie Anderson 

Mrs. Dorothy Spruill 

Mr. & Mrs. Hubbard Barnes 

Mr. & Mrs. Coleman Morrisey 

Mrs. Viola Brodie & Daughters 

Miss Ozella Newsome 

Mr. & Mrs. Elliott Hawkins 

Mr. Robert Edwards 

Mrs. Susan B. Frederick 

Mr. & Mrs. John D. Atkinson 

Mr. & Mrs. David Nixon, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Carl Wooten 

Mr. Willie James Cox 

Mrs. Nancy Exum 

Mrs. L. T. Harris 

Mrs. Arnell Cox 

Mr. & Mrs. Isaac Hamilton 

A /3c Lamar Lane 

Mr. Vernon Moses 

Mr. Ervin Massengill 

Mr. Charance Smith 

Mr. & Mrs. Vernon McDuffice 

Mr. Jerry L. Melton 

Mr. Elbert Yelverton 

Mr. & Mrs. Willie Hamilton 

Miss Willie E. Dawson 

Mr. Bobby Burris 

Mr. & Mrs. Walter Lucas 

Mr. Patrick Best 

Rev. Elbert B. William 

Mrs. Geraldine Dortch 

Mr. J. B. Rhodes 

Mr. Emmitt Broadhurst 

Rev. William Johnson 

Mrs. W. B. Starke 



Mrs. Marie B. Atkinson 
Mrs. Daisy Rowe 
Mrs. Lera B. Moses 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Moses 
Mr. Randall James 
Mrs. Lillie M. Sherard 
Mrs. Lula Smith 
Mr. & Mrs. Earl L. Smith 
Mr. & Mrs. Calvin Spruill 
Mrs. A. W. Minnis 
Mrs. Rett a Roberts 
Mrs. Gladys Albert 
Miss Magnolia Ford 
Mr. F. K. Larkin 

Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Best & Family 

Mrs. Bernice Musgrave & Family 

Mr. & Mrs. John A. Sewell 

Mr. & Mrs. Virgus Ruff in 

Mr. Winston Davis 

Mr. William Hobbs 

Mr. William Jones 

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Jones 

Mr. J. B. Rhodes 

Mr. Rommie Green 

Mr. Cozart Taylor 

Mr. & Mrs. D. C. Howell & Family 

Mr. Eugene Humphrey 

Mr. Cleveland Bell 

Mrs. Janet Butler 

Mrs. Sadie B. Swinson 

Mrs. Daisy Cook 

Mrs. Mamie Croom (Deceased) 

Mrs. Lillian Arrington 

Mrs. Mildred Clisby 

Mr. & Mrs. Odis McKinzie 

Mr. & Mrs. Vasco Howell 

Young Fashions 

Thomas Cafe & Motel 

Tom's Tavern 

Mr. & Mrs. O. Shealy 

Mr. Lemo Clark 

Mr. Oscar Shealy 

Mr. Leroy Clark 

Mrs. Z. W. Borah 

Mr. Neil Joseph 

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Aldridge 

A 2/C Willaim Alexander 

Rev. & Mrs. E. A. Alston 

Mr. D. George Atkinson 

Mrs. Minnie C. Baldwin 

Officer Woodrow Bell 

Mrs. E. B. Borden, III 

Mr. E. B. Borden, Jr. 

Mrs. Alease Braswell 

Mrs. Lucy Clements 

Dr. & Mrs. H. R. Cofield 

Mr. & Mrs. E. G. Davis 

A 2/c Leon Davis 

Mr. J. T. Dixon 

Mr. & Mrs. L. T. Dortch 

Mr. R. L. Dowery 

Mrs. Hattie Durham 

Mr. Edgar Lee Edwards 

Miss Jean Edwards 

Mrs. Fannie Epps 

Mrs. Madie Foster 

Mrs. Rose Green 

Miss Wanda Gunnings 

Mr. James Hamm 

Miss Mamie L. Haskins 

A 2/c Phil Haskins 

Mrs. Carrie Howell 

Miss Sharon Denise Howell 

Mr. & Mrs. Vasco Howell 

A 1/c Curtis Humphrey 

Mrs. Beatrice Isler 

Mr. A. R. Liggins 

Rev. E. B. Lipsey 

Mr. & Mrs. Garfield Locklair 

Mrs. Clara Mack 

Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Mack 

Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph McCoy 

A 3/c Charles McCoy 

Officer Sylvester Midgette 

Mr. Jim Nesbitt 

Mr. & Mrs. Guy C. Parker 

Rev. & Mrs. Clarence Pate 

Mrs. Louvenia Payton 

Mr. & Mrs. A. B. Reid 

Mrs. Nettie Sherard 

Mrs. Mamie J. Simmons 

Mr. Shelton Sutton 

Mr. J. B. Thomas 

A 2/c Leon Thornton 

A 1/c Joseph Wagner 

Mrs. Alma Yelverton